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Aug 14, 8. Jul 23, Norway. Aug 14, 9. Oct 15, South East Cans Ass. Aug 14, D2F Covers. No doubt, thy're from Kirkland, WA. Everywhere I go in Spain with my "fridge" covered by d2fcover, people ask me where can they buy one like that. Sorry I've not pictures at the moment, but I'll upload one or two soon.

Apr 9, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

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LeCover and Tuki covers are very similar. I prefer LeCover at this point. They are a bit more 'individual consumer' oriented versus than Tuki is at this point. I always order my LeCovers without the big LeCover logo on the cover Nice option. Aug 5, I agree that LeCover and Tuki are very similar. I disagree a bit on Tuki not being individual consumer oriented though. Gary and company have always responded to my custom requests immediately and flawlessly.

I've been amazed at how fast they have turned around items designed and made from scratch, often in days. Perfect fit! I also go with the no logo option. Dec 5, nyc.

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Check these guys out: Ampeg V4B Amp Cover great looking covers reasonably priced. I am a bit confused when you all say that you had excellent customer service with Larry. I have e-mailed him about getting a quote, with no response. I've called twice, leaving messages both times. Sill no response. Is he not taking orders or something? But I have to say that his products are great. I got one of his covers with a cab I bought used, and it's great.

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Dec 10, USA. I've had both.

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The LeCover looked very nice but the Tuki cover was thicker, more durable, and had a bottom strap that kept it from sliding up. I'd go with Tuki if I had to order another cover. In talking with both companies, I found you can order covers in a few different material choices and with, or without a bottom strap. If you want a more durable fabric, ask for the Cordura. It's a bit tougher than the polyester, although it does cost more. I bought a light weight cab so it doesnt make much sense to buy a heavy-ish cover.

Jun 14, San Francisco Bay Area. Great product and great service. It was a while back and I don't recall the price, but it was competitive with the other companies mentioned in this thread. Based on feedback from members, we have decided to not go ahead with those changes. However, it has also highlighted that we need some community input into what is working and what is not working for members here. Primarily focused on the Emporiums, we'd like input on your thoughts about TGP and how things work in the Emporiums for you and how you'd improve them.

The discussion thread on the is here!

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Source for amp covers??? Apr 15, 1. Where does a person order a custom amp cover for a combo?? Apr 15, 2. Here's one: Steve73 , Apr 15, Apr 15, 3. I've had very good luck with Studio Slips. Apr 15, 4.


Call Susan at www. Sean French , Apr 15, Apr 15, 5. I've had good luck with D2F covers. Aslan , Apr 15, Apr 15, 6. Apr 16, 7. Dawg76 , Apr 16, Apr 16, 8.

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Check out these guys, I have one for my ac Apr 16, 9. Try LeCover.

Very good quality. Apr 16, Another vote for Susan at Studio Slips. FFTT , Apr 16, You'r in Oceanside? I've had two amp covers made from "Sunbrella" material.