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This is why the line-ups have grown considerably. I asked the woman and she says that people now are not coming in with their receipts.

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So please people, take in your receipts to make it easier for us and for customer service. The Cottonelle ones that. Or dry and stringy on the inside? Just wanted to comment on how amazing this is! The detail of every item shows great dedication. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Margaret Parbery January 29, Reply.

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Krista January 29, Reply. Valerie January 29, Reply. Lissa January 29, Reply. Reba January 29, Reply. Natalie-Costcuisine January 29, Reply. Pepper January 29, Reply. Cheryl January 29, Reply. Heideken January 30, Reply. Bring in receipts for what? I am missing the context here. Are you talking about for returns? January 30, Reply.

Meee January 30, Reply. Reba January 30, Reply. Ross January 30, Reply. Here is a link to the latest weekly cocowest. For those of you on Instagram: The Instagram Page can be found here: Thank you for filling in for your brother…it is really appreciated. I have found that instead of paying full price for the HP inks, it is much cheaper just to get the cartridges refilled at my Costco. I loved the shots of Boots on the new chair.

With all due respect, and I know this is part of the marketing too, but if one chooses a designer dog, why feed it low quality food?

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I wish Costco would carry a high quality dog food like Acana or Orijen Canadian brands. The dog is owned by the blogger and the blog is not owned by Costco or affiliated that is why they changed their name. It would be nice if Costco carried more dogfood choices, but they get what they can move a lot of product on, so it hardly surprising that this is the one they carry. I would like to see them bring back those white checkup chew bones, I bought tons of those.

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Acana and Orijen are not high-quality dog foods. There is numerous reports that they make dogs very very sick. I would highly recommend not buying those brands. We feed our guys Orijen. We shop at the one at St. It was bought by the same lady that runs the Riverbend location a couple of years ago and their selection has much improved.

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  • They also have a really wonderful groomer at the Heritage location- Sandy. Our dogs love her. Love it, makes me smile and feel warm and fuzzie inside in a good way, not a creepy way. Thanks for doing this. I wish they had samples of the beef bulgogi. I really want to know how it tastes before buying a bag. I clicked on the review link, but it goes somewhere else. Costco Bibigo Beef Bulgogi Mandu.